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Tara King is a unique individual with a successful track record in launching and re-launching entertainment businesses and brands. With a solid background in General Management, Marketing and media she has a diverse range of skills. As a creative Tara has a passion for turning great ideas into the “real thing”. With a belief that the right people, thinking, and ideas can catapult a business and brand, she has found herself leading a diverse range of creative projects. Tara's vision is to find engaged audiences and then the right medium to deliver content they will find compelling. It is this belief that has to lead her to develop, drive and produce varied content across Live, Broadcast, and Digital. Tara has launched and re-launched some of Australia’s biggest media brands from NOVA 969 to Channel [V]. She has also managed and produced major live and live broadcast events both internationally and locally.
Tara King
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Scott King is a leader with a vision to transform and grow the business and culture while maintaining and evolving the business foundations of risk and governance. Scott has transformed and relaunched Qantas Credit Union from a small member-run business to the large, award-winning and respected Mutual, Qudos Bank. Scott is a seasoned professional with extensive strategic and operational experience, particularly at the Board and Executive levels. However, his expertise spans the full spectrum of corporate and retail strategy, having led significant customer and brand programs and complex business units. He has also helped navigate Board and Management teams through periods of change. Scott has an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving and decision making, combined with a genuinely collaborative style of team leadership. This ensures that he challenges others when needed, while still inspiring teams to perform at their best. In his role as Chief Executive Officer, Scott has been a spokesperson, international speaker and commentator for the industry, with a respected profile in the Banking Sector. Outside of his corporate experience, Scott has been involved in small businesses in the media and entertainment sectors.
Scott King
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Dean is an expert in content and idea generation and has lead high performing teams to drive brands and businesses to exceptional success. He has worked at the highest levels in media in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and in 2018, he was named in the top 5 Australian Radio Programmers of all time. Dean has an outstanding reputation for talent management and coaching at the highest level with personalities across Radio, TV, digital and publishing, developing top talent on major TV shows (The Voice, Celebrity Treasure Island) Radio (Nova Network, NZME NZ, GWR UK) to major rating success. It is his track record, creative edge, energy and passion for developing ideas and talent, both personally and professionally, that set him apart. Many of the talent he has identified, coached and mentored are leading broadcasters on the most prominent media brands in both Australia and New Zealand. Having also worked in live touring, creating and staging live stage shows and designing challenger brands from scratch, Dean has a wealth multi-media experience and a long track record of results and achievement.
Dean Buchanan
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